Adobe Camera Raw




Now you can work with your photos in RAW format



Adobe Camera Raw is the perfect companion for photographers or photography buffs who are already used to editing their photos using Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom. With this plugin you won't have any problems opening each image even if it was taken in RAW format on your camera.

Thanks to the features included in Adobe Camera Raw, you can solve the typical compatibility problems you run into with programs like Photoshop when working with these uncompressed images. When you edit your pictures in RAW format, you can edit them much more completely and access certain parameters that are unavailable in JPEG.

Another upside to using Adobe Camera Raw is that more and more new cameras are being made compatible with this Adobe plugin. This means it gives you plenty of possibilities to edit photos taken with your camera, without any complications.

Thanks to Adobe Camera Raw, you can expand on the editing possibilities offered by such powerful programs as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. All with the goal being to get the most out of each and every image you capture with your camera.